Frequently Asked Questions

What does your day involve?

Our day is a balance of structured activities as well as free play.  In the morning we do our Good Morning activities (preschool) as well as many arts and crafts projects.  Each month has different themes that we incorporate into our projects and learning activities.  We also spend plenty of time outside (weather permitting).  Upon enrollment your child receives a journal which I write in daily giving you details of our day. 

How many children can/do you watch?

Our group is kept small (6) and a variety of ages blended together mimics a family dynamic.  During school breaks my children join us.

What are your hours?

Monday-Thursday 7:45am-5:15pm Earlier drop offs/later pick ups may be arranged at my discretion.

What are you rates?

We offer a 3 day weekly rate of $105 or 4 day weekly rate of $135 per child  which covers up to 8 hours of care per day.  Additional hours are $5 per hour per child. (3 day minimum enrollment applies)

My schedule varies can I have a flexible schedule?

I am happy to work with your schedule as much as I can, however the only way to guarantee space for your child is to contract all days and times needed. 

Is there a sibling discount?

All enrolled children get the same amount of love, care and attention, therefore there is no discount on multiple children.  

Do you accept DHS payments?

Sorry, not at this time.

Do you participate in the Great Start "Stars" program?

No. At this time I am not participating in the program.  Since participation is optional, I feel that my time is better served focusing on the children in my care than allowing another agency come into my home and observe your children.  Should it become a state mandated requirement I will at that time. I am happy to provide you with several references that can attest the quality of my program.

Are meals included?

Yes.  I provide breakfast and lunch as well as a morning and afternoon snack.

How do I find out about any openings?

Current openings are advertised on Craigslist and on our Facebook page.  Of course calling or e-mailing directly is always the fastest way to find out about our availability.



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